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Strawberry U-Pick

Strawberry season on the farm is the perfect way to spend the winter in sunny Florida! The weather is perfect, and our strawberry field has the juiciest strawberries around. We have two different varieties to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Medium to large size , vivid glossy red in color, sweet and very juicy.

Medium to bright red in color, large in size, characterized by its exceptionally sweet flavor.

Keep in mind that not all varieties are available all season long. Please only pick the red colored berries, all other shades (including white, green, pink or a combo of them) need more time to fully ripen on the bush before they are harvested.

For Strawberry U-Pick daily details, visit our Calendar of Events.

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Care & Handling

Each strawberry is grown with love and care for you and your family. Please follow the simple tips below to enjoy the wonderful strawberries that you picked at Atwood Family Farms.

Always remember to:

Store your strawberries in a dry container

  • Always keep your strawberries refrigerated
  • Gently rinse your strawberries under cool water just prior to use. Strawberries absorb water and rinsing too long before consuming will accelerate the rate of decomposition
  • To enjoy their naturally sweet flavor, strawberries are best served at room temperature

*Strawberries are highly perishable and should be eaten 3-7 days after picking.

How to Best Freeze your Strawberries:

  • Gently rinse your strawberries with cool water.
  • Cut the green caps off the top.
  • Pat lightly with a towel to soak up the water.
  • Allow time for the strawberries to thoroughly dry.
  • Evenly lay strawberries on a cookie sheet. Separating the strawberries prior to freezing allows them to not stick together in the process.
  • Place the cookie sheet in the freezer for approximately 2 hours; or until the strawberries are completely frozen.
  • Write the date on the plastic bag and store it in the freezer.